Organic Farm Assessment

Transitioning to organic production is a big decision. You have to get it right, we get that. And figuring it out demands knowledge, a deep understanding of your fields, your operation, and your goals.

That’s where we can help. Based on one-on-one consultations with you, AgriSecure can create a Farm Transition Assessment and Report customized for your family farm. We’ll show you the economic potential of your fields, and we’ll be up front about what it takes to reach full profitability. We can help determine how long it’ll take to get there, the equipment you’ll need, which fields are suited to organic and which ones aren’t, and all the other factors that add up to an informed decision that sets you up for success.

The  Farm Transition Assessment provides a detailed recommendation that includes:

  • Farm Overview – a field-by-field analysis of how (or if) organic production would fit into your operation
  • Organic Transition Recommendation – an in-depth recommendation for the best
    organic transition process for your farm, including balancing economics and agronomics, 7-year crop rotations, operational requirements, and equipment plans
  • Financial Analysis – an analysis of the expected production, revenue, and expenses needed to implement our Organic Transition Recommendation, as well as upside/downside scenarios
  • Timeline and Key Dates – an overview of the key steps required in the organic transition process, along with key dates for purchasing inputs and crop insurance and getting certified
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