About AgriSecure

Our Story

AgriSecure was founded by farmers for farmers. Each of them led the way on their own multi-generational family farms to transition from conventional to organic production.

At first our founders struggled with the long-term planning, the complex execution, the detailed recordkeeping — all the headaches that come with figuring out how to run an organic operation on the fly. But they built up their agronomic knowledge. Combined with proprietary processes, a technology platform built for organic farms, and a systems-based approach, they soon realized they were prospering while others continued to falter.

Looking at their communities, they felt a responsibility to help more farmers benefit from the organic program they had developed. Today they are helping family farms like yours become profitable and stay profitable through organics.

As your partner, AgriSecure can provide the guidance and support you need to start or scale your organic crop production. We can help you create a brighter future and a profitable family farm that can be passed down for many generations to come.

Our Focus

AgriSecure is built on four pillars of expertise. We have an insatiable desire to continually improve, and we’re here to deliver repeatable, sustainable, and profitable results for you.

AgriSecure offers family farmers like you expertise, systems, and support. We provide the tools you need to run and scale an organic operation that increases farm profitability and meets rapidly growing consumer demand.

Our Team

  • Steve Sinkula


    Steve brings 15+ years of experience driving growth with multinational and start-up agribusinesses. His expertise includes focused strategy execution, strategic alliances, and innovative service delivery. He grew up working on his grandfather’s dairy farm, and is passionate about serving growers. Steve graduated from Beloit College and received an MBA from the Darden Graduate School of Business at UVA.

  • Bryce Irlbeck

    Business Development

    Bryce is a fifth-generation farmer and entrepreneur with a passion for rethinking farm production methods. Bryce honed his organic agronomy skills at Midwestern Bio Ag while being mentored by Gary Zimmer and Bob Yanda, two of the most experienced organic farmers in the U.S. He graduated from Iowa State University in Agronomy and Agribusiness.

  • J.P. Rhea

    Co-Founder and Advisor

    J.P. is a fifth-generation farmer, proven executive, and entrepreneur with extensive experience leading teams in the value-added agriculture space. His early career included management consulting and internal audit/special projects with ConAgra. He graduated from the University of Nebraska and holds an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern.

  • Amy Bruch

    Grain Marketing and Knowledge Management

    Amy is a fifth-generation farmer. As an international ag entrepreneur, she has managed or consulted for over 15 cash crops on 3 continents. She previously worked as a senior systems engineer for General Mills and received a BS in Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering from Iowa State University.