FBN Invests in AgriSecure to Help Farmers Succeed at Organics

  • Published On: August 9, 2018
  • Author: Steve Sinkula

AgFunder recently reported on AgriSecure, a Nebraska based start-up, and their partnership with Farmer’s Business Network (FBN). They have team up to help row crop farmers transition into and succeed at organic farming.

Louisa Burwood-Taylor writes, “the US is a major net importer of organic grains from countries such as India, Turkey, and Romania; in the major grains, 99% of US farm acreage is in conventional, non-organic production.”

FBN helps bring organic opportunity to members with turnkey AgriSecure platform

FBN has a network of over 24 million acres of member farms in the U.S. and Canada that receive comprehensive farm benchmarking, seed performance data, input optimization and pricing analytics. “The partnership brings a number of things to FBN, but most importantly, it brings our members a way to profitably diversify their farm,” FBN’s spokesperson Megan Fallon told AgFunderNews

Farmer’s Business Network Members Forward Thinking

“FBN has the most forward-thinking farmers in North America as members. Many of them have been coming to us knowing they need to do something different, to de-commoditize themselves and set them apart from others to not only stay in the black but also to find additional premiums,” Fallon said.

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