Avoiding Organic Transition Pitfalls

Avoiding Organic Transition Pitfalls [DOWNLOAD]

Avoiding Organic Transition Pitfalls

Organic transition is fraught with common pitfalls that cost countless dollars and/or hours

Download this Guide today. It’ll give you confidence that you can have clean fields on your organic acres.

This Guide to Avoiding Organic Transition Pitfalls is a resource for farming operations interested in organic row crop production.

The Guide outlines the mistakes commonly made during the transition from conventional to organic production – and shows how you can avoid them.

As with any new venture, AgriSecure recommends farmers work with knowledgeable experts to help inform their decisions. Avoiding common pitfalls is critical for building the foundation for long-term success.

The 7 Most Common Organic Transition Pitfalls

  1. Starting with too few or too many acres
  2. Picking fields for the wrong reason(s)
  3. Using “copy/paste” vs. learning the basics
  4. Maintaining a “year-by-year” mindset
  5. Neglecting crop insurance decisions
  6. Expecting organic premiums will make-up for average production practices
  7. Trying to do it all alone
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