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AgriSecure and its network of independent organic consultants can help you get up to speed on all the latest organic farming best practices and innovations out there today. And you can store all the knowledge and insights gained on your operations in MyFarm, making it easier to push boundaries and succeed.

Scaling up your organic acres? Or making the transition? Here’s why you should be an organic farmer.

Organic row crop farming can be very profitable for your family operation. Many consumers believe organic food is a safer and healthier choice for them and their families. They are willing to pay a premium for products made with organic grain and for meat products that come from animals fed a diet that includes organic corn and organic soybeans.

There’s a lot of other good reasons to choose organic crop production, too. In terms of agronomics, it enables you to minimize the use of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. Biologically sound field management practices will improve soil health and soil fertility. A sustainable approach to farming also has benefits for water management and biodiversity, and it reduces negative impacts on the environment.

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