Organic Farm Equipment Guide

Organic Farm Equipment Guide [DOWNLOAD]

Organic Farm Equipment Guide

Organic row crop production isn’t easy. But the right equipment can all make the difference to achieving your goals and earning a profit.

This Guide to Organic Farm Equipment is valuable for farmers who are new to organic farming as well as those who are in the process of scaling up their production of organic corn, soybeans, wheat, small grains, and more.

Find out the key factors to consider when buying your equipment line. What is a must have? And what can wait (even though there’s no denying you really want it now). In these pages, you’ll learn how the right equipment can benefit you today while also setting up your acres for long term success.

The Guide covers:

  • Required vs. Optional Equipment
  • Weed Management Tools
  • Planting Equipment for a Diverse Rotation
  • Specialized Harvest Equipment
  • Grain Cleaning Equipment
  • Weed Management Innovation
  • Calculating Equipment ROI


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