Organic Transition Playbook

Organic Transition Playbook
How to Transition to Organic Row Crop Production

Margins are increasingly tight for conventional row crops. That’s truer than ever in today’s economy.

Chances are you’re looking for ways to take control of your profits. And specifically, you think transitioning to organics might be the right move  for your farm. Whether that’s all your acres or just some of them, a successful transition requires specialized agronomic knowledge plus an understanding of the rules for growing and marketing organic crops.

At AgriSecure, we know there’s just so much to know. We live it every day, on our own farms and our Members’ farms.

That’s why we created this Organic Transition Playbook. It provides you a short but comprehensive summary of the transition process:

  • An overview of certification requirements
  • Advice on balancing key factors during transition
  • Examples of transition rotations
  • Insights on transition and organic best practices
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