FBN Works with AgriSecure to Lower Risks for Organics

  • Published On: June 28, 2018
  • Author: AgriSecure

AgPro reporter Margy Eckelkamp begins by citing the benefits to US agriculture of increasing organic grain access and enhancing the traceability for buyers resulting from the strategic partnership recently formed by Farmers Business Network (FBN)  and AgriSecure.

Demand for Organically Grown Grain in the USA has Sharply Outstripped Supply Creating Opportunities for Savvy Farmers

She continues by quoting AgriSecure CEO/CFO, J.P. Rhea, who stated “Organic poultry grew 19% last year, and most of that feed is imported currently. Here in the U.S., we are missing the opportunity to grow $9 corn for organic poultry.”  With demand outstripping supply, FBN-AgriSecure farmers may transition from $3.50 to $9.00 corn with expert guidance.

A More Confident Transition to Organics for FBN Farmers Via AgriSecure’s Platform

But transitioning brings new risk. Lucas Strom, V.P. of business operations for FBN, explains the benefits of partnering with AgriSecure for their 6,800 members as sound risk management. “There is a lot more than just the agronomics that goes into transitioning to organic. There’s a lot of detail that goes into staying certified and handling the crops properly. This [AgriSecure] platform helps ensure the success of a farmer in managing their transition to organic acres.” Strom describes the AgriSecure platform as a “holistic approach.”

AgriSecure’s Turn-key Platform Provides Farmers with a “Holistic Approach”

The holistic approach is evident in the integrated support delivered by AgriSecure’s platform described in the article including financial guidance, record-keeping, agronomic advice, market insight, and navigating through the organic certification process. Read the full AgrPro article here.

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