Organic Profit Calculator Evaluates Potential

  • Published On: November 22, 2019
  • Author: Steve Sinkula

AgriSecure has launched an online calculator to help farmers discover the potential revenue and profit they could generate from organic crops.

Taking just a couple minutes to complete, the calculator uses the number of acres you’re interested in converting to organic, your average land costs, 5-year APH for corn, and crops in your rotation, to evaluate the profit potential of organic staple crop production.

Farmers will then get a breakdown of what their revenue and bottom line could look like from a 4-year rotation of organic corn, soybeans, wheat, and corn. They’ll also get values for total revenue — which is based on conservative yields for the crops, including 80% and 85% of conventional corn yields in years 1 and 4, respectively — total expenses, total net income and average net income per acre over the 4-year rotation. The estimates are based on real-world numbers that AgriSecure has seen with its clients in similar farming operations.

The calculator does not include revenue and profit estimates for transitioning, because the transition process is unique to each operation’s ability to balance its economics with agronomics and management, and requires further discussion.

After using the calculator, farmers who are interested in learning more will have an opportunity to schedule a free consultation with AgriSecure’s experts to discuss organics for their operation.

Ready to see how organic staple crop production can impact your bottom line? Click here to try the calculator today.

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