Organic Production? Get this Free Playbook.

  • Published On: February 6, 2020
  • Author: Steve Sinkula

Becoming an organic farmer is not a simple task. It requires a 36-month period, known as the transition process, where fields are treated as they would be under organic certification, but without being able to reap the organic premiums.

Transitioning can set your organic operation up for success or struggles, which is why AgriSecure has developed the “Organic Transition Playbook.” This FREE guide helps farmers interested in organic production learn about the requirements, steps, and key considerations that must be understood and evaluated prior to starting the transition process.

In this free resource, we cover:

  • Requirements of transitioning
  • Key financial considerations and why economics is the foundation to long-term success
  • How to prepare your fields for organic production
  • Why planning is key for managing a new cropping system, and how to create a solid plan

Interested in becoming an organic farmer? Download the FREE Organic Transition Playbook to learn how to successfully get the process started.

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