AgriSecure on Rural Radio: tackling organic production

  • Published On: September 24, 2018
  • Author: Steve Sinkula

KVRN 880 Rural Radio recently reached out to learn how AgriSecure works with farmers to enter into and expand organic production in traditional farm markets. The founders, all 5th-generation farmers, have gone through the transition to organic themselves. And they transformed their farms’ economics in the process.  But it wasn’t easy.  “We like to say there isn’t one difficult part of transitioning to organics, it’s all difficult,” said AgriSecure founder J. P. Rhea.

Rhea outlines the robust platform of services AgriSecure offers to help farmers profit from organics, including crop rotation guidance, detailed planning, organic crop production expertise, and certification paperwork.  Ultimately AgriSecure provides a “wealth of knowledge,” Rhea said.

Listen to the full interview at KRVN online.

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