Certified Organic Seed: How to Evaluate and Choose Varieties

It’s never too soon to think about your certified organic seed selections. That’s especially true if you want a popular variety. Wait too long and it could sell out, says Scott Ausborn. Scott has worked in the organic seed market since 2008. And he’s currently a regional sales manager in the Northern Corn Belt for […]

Imports Have an Impact on Organic Crop Prices: Here’s Why

Organic soybean prices are skyrocketing. The Jacobsen reported that prices were up to $32 per bushel in the Midwest in May 2021. What’s behind this impact on organic crop prices? And why aren’t organic corn premiums keeping up? In short: it’s all about supply and demand, especially imports, says David Becker. David is an analyst […]

How to Create a Cost Effective Organic Fertility Program

If you’re paying attention to the conventional markets, you know crop prices are rising. And when that happens, the price of organic fertilizer — especially organic manure — goes up with it. How will this impact your organic fertility program? It’s a challenge that Scott Niemela understands first-hand. He’s an organic farmer and also the […]