Imports Have an Impact on Organic Crop Prices: Here’s Why

Organic soybean prices are skyrocketing. The Jacobsen reported that prices were up to $32 per bushel in the Midwest in May 2021. What’s behind this impact on organic crop prices? And why aren’t organic corn premiums keeping up? In short: it’s all about supply and demand, especially imports, says David Becker. David is an analyst […]

New Options Offer Farm Loans for Organic Transition

If securing farm loans for organic transition feels daunting, we have some good news. It’s not as hard as it used to be. In fact, there’s a number of new options that could provide a solution for you and your operation. Traditional lenders, farmland investors, non-profits, and even big food companies are starting to create […]

Organic Farming Loans Support Growers during Transition

Ask a farmer what’s keeping them from transitioning to organic row crops, and you may be surprised to hear a common answer. Finances. It’s often a struggle to find organic farming loans tailored to their needs. Yes, organics offer excellent premiums and can bring long-term profitability. But first you have to get through the 36-month […]

Organic Breakevens: What to Know and How to Calculate

If you’re thinking about organics, you’ve probably debated whether it’s going to pay off — literally. Yes, the price premiums are good, but you’ve heard your yields will take a hit. How can you predict profitability? The answer: calculating your organic breakevens. What are an organic breakevens? Simply put, it’s a way to calculate what […]

6 Ways to Protect Organic Profits in Uncertain Times

Economic uncertainty hits all sectors of the agriculture industry, including organics. The good news? It’s possible to safeguard your organic profits. For a start, it’s even more important for organic farmers to focus on executing their operations really well. The better the execution, the better you can weather the market conditions and remain profitable. Here […]

4 Keys to a Strong Organic Fertilizer Strategy

Questions about an organic fertilizer strategy are common in organic farming. How do I provide enough nutrients? In particular, nitrogen. How do I manage my crop and soil without using synthetic fertilizers? Fertilizer can come from a variety of organic sources, including animal waste, decomposing plants, and nitrogen-fixing crops like soybeans and clover. So it’s […]

Consider Organic Farming? Yes.

With so much economic uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, you may be wondering: Is now the right time to transition into organic crop production? Is this the right time to increase the number of organic acres you’re already farming? My answer, yes. Current market conditions, falling commodity prices for conventional crops and somewhat lower […]

80 Million Millennials Can’t Be Wrong: Farmer Panel

80 million millennials are a part of the driving force behind the rapid growth of organic food demand. So why aren’t more farmers transitioning into a system that sees premiums of 2x over conventional and profitable margins? In a panel that took place at FBN’s Farmer2Farmer V event, AgriSecure co-founder and organic farmer Bryce Irlbeck […]