Long-Term Organic Success = Rotation, Rotation, Rotation

You’ve heard the saying, “location, location, location.” The real estate mantra is used to remind people that where a property is located is often the most important factor in its value. In organic farming, the same can be said about rotation. Having the right rotation in place is critical for year-to-year success and the long-term […]

Ag Tech Makes Large-Scale Organics Possible. And Profitable!

Many farmers believe modern ag technology doesn’t apply to organic production. And there is some truth to that. Many organic farmers have small, 40-acre operations where technology isn’t used. But for large-scale organic row-crop operations, a lot of the technology used on conventional farms can still be utilized, and often will result in a higher […]

Podcast: Going Large Scale Organic with FarmTank

J.P. Rhea, AgriSecure co-founder, recently joined the FarmTank podcast to discuss his journey to and learning from large scale organic farming. “You have to adapt to survive, there’s no complaining and we’re not entitled to grow whatever we want. We have to figure it out, run a business, and make money” — J.P. Rhea Listen to […]

5th-Generation Farmer Profits with Hog Manure in Organics

When Rusty Olson saw that the farm economy was “sliding sideways,” he started looking for opportunities to bring in more revenue from the farm. A fifth-generation farmer in Garner, Iowa, he had recently achieved his goal of expanding the family corn-and-soybean operation from 1,000 acres to 2,000. He wanted to focus on the farm and […]

Organic Transition Success Sits on a 3-Legged Stool

Becoming an organic producer does not happen overnight. Obtaining organic certification requires a 36-month period where a field has not had any prohibited substance or genetically modified crops on it. These 3 years known as the transition process can either set your organic operation up for success or struggles. To help ensure success, we recommend […]