5 Keys to Marketing Organics and Reaping Profits

The biggest benefit of marketing organic crops are the price premiums. Over the last decade we’ve seen premiums almost double conventional crops, with organic corn averaging over $9.50 a bushel and soybeans more than $20 per bushel. While we can’t predict what prices will do in the future, there’s continued underlying growth in the demand […]

Organic Production? Get this Free Playbook.

Becoming an organic farmer is not a simple task. It requires a 36-month period, known as the transition process, where fields are treated as they would be under organic certification, but without being able to reap the organic premiums. Transitioning can set your organic operation up for success or struggles, which is why AgriSecure has […]

4 Keys to Choosing and Using Organic Crop Inputs

Growers understand that switching from a conventional farming system to organic means giving up certain products like genetically modified seed and synthetic herbicides. But that doesn’t mean organic farmers do not have crop input options. In fact, aside from nitrogen fertilizers and herbicides, most conventional inputs can be found in organic forms, and through use […]