FBN Works with AgriSecure to Lower Risks for Organics

AgPro reporter Margy Eckelkamp begins by citing the benefits to US agriculture of increasing organic grain access and enhancing the traceability for buyers resulting from the strategic partnership recently formed by Farmers Business Network (FBN)  and AgriSecure. Demand for Organically Grown Grain in the USA has Sharply Outstripped Supply Creating Opportunities for Savvy Farmers She continues […]

FBN Motivated to Invest in AgriSecure

Why was a commercial partnership with and investment in AgriSecure a winning strategy for Farmer’s Business Network (FBN) and the thousands of farmers they represent?  In her research, Bloomberg reporter Lydia Mulvany provides current facts including: Challenging price environment for agricultural commodities coupled with strong premiums for organically produced crops Sharply increasing demand for organically grown crops […]