6 Tips for Buying Organic Farm Equipment

Profit potential is a compelling reasons farmers go organic. But even though price premiums are high, it’s still possible to end up in a financial hole. How could that happen? One of the most common reasons is overspending on organic farm equipment. Investing too much in organic farm equipment, too soon Good news: you have […]

Organic Specialty Markets Offer Farm Diversity and Profit

Financial investors know it’s smart to diversify assets. It helps protect against volatility and reduce risk – and this same advice holds true for farming. Diversifying your operation with organic specialty markets can help increase or stabilize your bottom line. If you have organic acres, you’re already serving a niche market, and that puts you […]

Organic Planting Dates: Sometimes Starting Later is Better

If you’re an organic farmer, what are the ideal organic planting dates? Most conventional farmers are primed to plant early because it often maximizes yield potential. Seed treatments can protect against cooler soil temperatures and herbicides can deal with weeds. But organic farmers have to tackle these problems with other means. We have to think […]

Preventing Pesticide Drift (And What to Do if it Happens)

Every year organic farmers hear about unwanted chemicals drifting from one field to another and damaging crops. But how concerned do you need to be about preventing pesticide drift? Unfortunately, pesticides drifting onto your organic farm is a real possibility. And the consequences can be significant. You’re at risk of crop damage, income loss, and […]

6 Ways to Protect Organic Profits in Uncertain Times

Economic uncertainty hits all sectors of the agriculture industry, including organics. The good news? It’s possible to safeguard your organic profits. For a start, it’s even more important for organic farmers to focus on executing their operations really well. The better the execution, the better you can weather the market conditions and remain profitable. Here […]

Intercropping for Profit and Weed Management

Organic row crops can be sold for high premiums. And as an organic farmer, successfully controlling weeds is often central to achieving the highest level of profitability. Enter intercropping for profit and weed management! Intercropping allows you to grow at least one high-value organic crop, such as yellow field peas, while effectively suppressing weeds and […]