5 Keys to Marketing Organics and Reaping Profits

The biggest benefit of marketing organic crops are the price premiums. Over the last decade we’ve seen premiums almost double conventional crops, with organic corn averaging over $9.50 a bushel and soybeans more than $20 per bushel. While we can’t predict what prices will do in the future, there’s continued underlying growth in the demand […]

Organic Production? Get this Free Playbook.

Becoming an organic farmer is not a simple task. It requires a 36-month period, known as the transition process, where fields are treated as they would be under organic certification, but without being able to reap the organic premiums. Transitioning can set your organic operation up for success or struggles, which is why AgriSecure has […]

AgriSecure Shares Transition Tips at Minnesota Organic Conference

AgriSecure account executives Kenn Jenkins and Pete Kapustka will share the company’s perspective on how to manage the transition process into organic production at the 2020 Minnesota Organic Conference. Becoming an organic grower requires a field not having any prohibited substance or genetically modified crops on it for 36 months, and that time period can […]

Watch “Going Organic: Crops of the Future”

Thinking of going organic? Wondering what it might look like for your farm in the future? Watch the in-depth discussion between organic farmers J.P. Rhea AgriSecure founder J.P. Rhea, Travis Heide, and Rusty Olson at FBN’s Farmer2Farmer V event to gain insights into the path of organic so that you can make more educated decisions […]

AgriSecure Hosting Two Sessions on Organic Farming at Farmer2Farmer

AgriSecure Founders Bryce Irlbeck and J.P. Rhea will be hosting farmer panels at Farmer2Farmer next month. Farmer Business Network’s (FBN) annual conference will take place at the CHI Health Center in Omaha, Nebraska, on December 11-13, 2019. It will include a tradeshow, farmer panels, several keynote speakers and networking opportunities for attendees. Irlbeck will moderate […]

Organic Profit Calculator Evaluates Potential

AgriSecure has launched an online calculator to help farmers discover the potential revenue and profit they could generate from organic crops. Taking just a couple minutes to complete, the calculator uses the number of acres you’re interested in converting to organic, your average land costs, 5-year APH for corn, and crops in your rotation, to […]

Long-Term Organic Success = Rotation, Rotation, Rotation

You’ve heard the saying, “location, location, location.” The real estate mantra is used to remind people that where a property is located is often the most important factor in its value. In organic farming, the same can be said about rotation. Having the right rotation in place is critical for year-to-year success and the long-term […]